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Automate consent requests and candidate deletions
Automate consent requests and candidate deletions
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Automating manual tasks like updating candidate consent to process their data and deleting those who have expired, have not provided consent, or have requested to be deleted does not only save you valuable time but also helps you make sure you are on top of your GDPR compliance.

📌 You must be an account administrator to set up GDPR automation.

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Automate consent requests

Send automated consent requests to extend a candidate’s profile retention period when it’s about to expire.

2. Select Configure next to Automate consent requests.

3. Click the toggle to activate the automation.

4. Define the number of days that the retention period will be extended by when the candidates consent to it and create an email to send to the candidates.

5. Candidates disqualified in all assigned jobs and talent pools will not receive automatic consent requests. You can also select to skip sending emails to qualified candidates in active jobs, hired candidates, or candidates with email activity by clicking the checkmark.

If you selected not to send this email to candidates with email activity, select how long the email activity should be inactive to send the consent request.

6. Click Save. If there are candidates expiring in your account right now, you will be asked if you’d like to send emails already.

📌 Candidates who were added to your database without consent, to begin with, will not receive these emails; their consent has to be requested manually. Find out more about candidate statuses.

Automate candidate deletion

Delete expired candidates, candidates who haven’t given consent, or those who requested to be deleted automatically and on your rules.

2. Select Configure next to Automate candidate deletion.

3. Click the toggle of the automation you would like to carry out. There are three options:

Delete expired candidates

Candidates will be deleted when their retention period expires. You can exclude hired candidates, qualified candidates in active jobs or talent pools, or candidates with email activity. Select how long the email activity should be inactive for to delete the candidate, if you’ve activated this exemption.

Delete candidates who requested to be deleted

Select the time period after which the candidates who requested to be deleted should be deleted.

📌 The retention period of candidates who requested to be deleted will automatically change to the number of days selected above.

Delete candidates who have never consented to personal data storage

If your candidates have been added to the database without their consent (sourced, added manually, or referred), they will receive a 30-day retention period and will be deleted afterward.

4. Click Save, confirm your selection, and click Yes, enable.

📌 Deleted candidates can be restored for 7 days after their deletion. Learn about restoring recently deleted candidates.

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