Note: In order to manage candidates’ GDPR statuses, you have to have Manage candidates checked in your hiring role.

You can see your candidates’ GDPR status with a single glance at their candidate profile or in the candidates section. The banner will be red if no consent was given, the retention period is expired or will expire in less than 14 days. You can also see in the brackets of the banner when the retention period is going to expire.

No consent

This candidate was added to the database without giving consent to store their data.

Consent requested

A consent request has been sent to the candidate.

Consent given

The candidate has consented to storing their data. The number next to this status indicates when the retention period expires.


The candidate’s retention period is going to expire in less than 30 days.


The candidate’s retention period has expired.

GDPR compliance filters

If you would like to gain an overview of your account, go to the candidates section and select the GDPR compliance filter. Here, all candidates who are expiring or that you are awaiting consent from, as well as those with removal or correction requests will be listed stating their GDPR status and the time left in their retention period.

Note: You can also access this filter within a job or talent pool under Filters.

Extending retention periods in bulk

1. Select the checkboxes next to candidates on the left, select More and/or click Extend retention.

2. Select for how long you would like to extend the retention period of the selected candidates.

3. Click Extend.

Note: When extending retention periods manually, candidates will automatically get the status Consent given or Expiring depending on the amount of days the retention period is being extended.

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