Recruitee is committed to providing flexible tools to allow our customers to configure our GDPR features to best meet their compliance needs. Ultimate responsibility for compliance rests with you. But these features help you meet that responsibility with minimal fuss.

Enabling GDPR features

Go to Settings > Company Settings > GDPR and click the toggle next to Enable GDPR features.

Under Candidate retention period, you can determine how long the data retention period is for your stored candidate data. This time period starts the moment the candidate applies on the careers site, and ends after the set time.

Here, you can also select who should receive reports about expired candidate profiles.

Note: If a candidate applies on your careers site more than once and you decide to merge their profiles, their latest application will account for their retention period.

Add a privacy policy for candidates to accept when consenting to their data being stored.

When you enable GDPR features, an email footer template will automatically be added to your auto-confirmation emails, containing links through which candidates can request deletion or correction of their data. Under GDPR email footer, you can see if all of your jobs have this option enabled and fix it if this is not the case.

Click Edit to customize the footer to match your company details.

GDPR automation

Stay on top of your GDPR compliance by automating repetitive tasks like requesting candidate consent to remain in your database and deleting those who have expired, have not provided consent, or have requested to be deleted.

Learn more about configuring GDPR automations.

Note: GDPR automations are available in our Lead and Scale plans.

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