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Our custom report dashboards allow you to create dashboards with all metrics important to you at a glance. You can customize reports from our library and filter them based on what matters to you.

1. Go to the Reports section and click New dashboard in the top-left.

2. Select whether you’d like to duplicate an existing dashboard or start entirely from scratch.

3. Give the dashboard a name and set its visibility.

4. Click Create.

5. Your new dashboard is still empty. Click +Add report in the top-right to access the report library.

The report library will provide you with numerous reports that you can add to your dashboard as-is or customize further. On the left you can see different categories to look through or simply search for a report directly with the search bar in the top.

In the top-right you can filter the available reports by visualization- or report type.

6. Click +Add report next to a report you would like to customize and add to your dashboard.

Alternatively, you can also create a report completely from scratch by clicking the button in the top-left of the report library.

Arrange, edit, and filter the reports on your dashboard

Once you’ve added a couple of reports to your dashboard, click and drag the bottom-right corner of each report to adjust its size and fit your dashboard.

Click … in the top-right corner to edit, export, duplicate, or delete an individual report.

Select Download as CSV to export a CSV file that includes the data making up the report or Download as PNG to download an image of the report as you can see it in your dashboard.

Each report on the dashboard can be expanded by clicking the expansion symbol in its top-right corner.

Click Select date in the top-left to filter the reports on your dashboard by a specific timeframe.

To filter the dashboard by Department, Job, Role, Talent pool, or Team member, select Add filter.


  • If you apply a filter to an entire dashboard, the individual reports on the dashboard will have the pre-existing filters of the same kind overridden and the selected filter applied.

  • Some individual reports may not apply certain filters as not every metric supports every filter.

Want to dive deeper into the data?

Simply highlight certain numbers in your reports by hovering over them with your mouse.

Click on the highlighted number to access a table of the data that this number is derived from.

Adjust the columns in the table by clicking the icon on the right.

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