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Create custom boards
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Our custom boards allow you to create boards with all metrics vital to you at a glance. You can customize reports from our library and filter them based on what matters to you.

📌 Editing boards from the Reports library is only available in our Grow and Optimize plans.

Adding reports from your reports library

Create your own board with any reports pulled from any board.

1. Click + Add reports in Analytics

2. Select any number of reports and click Add reports to board.

Arrange, edit, and filter the reports on your board

Once you’ve added a couple of reports to your board, click and drag the bottom-right corner of each report to adjust its size and fit your board.

1. Change the name of the board in the top left corner.

2. Change the board’s visibility on the right-hand side.

⚠️ Administrators can allow everyone, specific members, or only themselves, to see these statistics with the visibility option in the top right corner.

3. Duplicate or delete the board with the three dots on the right-hand side.

4. Click Select date in the top-left to filter the reports on your board by a specific timeframe.

5. Select Add filter to filter the board by Department, Hiring manager, Job, Recruiter, or Talent pool.

6. Select Download as CSV to export a CSV file that includes the data making up the report or Download as PNG to download an image of the report, as you can see in your board.

7. Click the expansion symbol in the top-right corner to expand each report on the board.

📌 If you apply a filter to an entire board, the individual reports on the board will have the pre-existing filters of the same kind overridden and the selected filter applied.

📌Some individual reports may not apply certain filters, as not every metric supports every filter.

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