Note: In order to sync meeting rooms in your account, your hiring role must have Manage company checked.

1. Go to Settings > Company > Meeting rooms.

2. Click +Sync rooms.

3. Select to sync meeting rooms from Google (Calendar).

4. Make sure that you have permission to sync meeting rooms in your calendar.

Go to Google Calendar to add the meeting rooms to your calendar so you can access them:

Click the + icon next to Other calendars in the sidebar.

Click Browse resources.

Select the meeting rooms you want to sync in Recruitee.

Go back to Recruitee and click Continue.

5. Allow Recruitee to access your calendar.

6. Select which meeting rooms you would like to synchronize in Recruitee and click Sync meeting rooms.

7. Your selection is now synchronized. You can deactivate a meeting room by clicking the toggle on the left and remove a room from Recruitee by clicking the trash can icon.

Note: In order to schedule interviews in the synced meeting rooms, a Google calendar with access to the meeting rooms must also be synchronized in at least one Recruitee account of your company account.

What’s next?

Schedule events with candidates using your synced meeting rooms.

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