Does your team already use Microsoft Teams as a video interviewing tool? Easily connect your Microsoft account to Recruitee to generate a Microsoft Teams link for each video interview that you schedule.

If the integration is not set up in your account yet, please follow the instructions under Setting up the integration first.

Scheduling a video interview with Microsoft Teams

Simply select Microsoft Teams as the event type when scheduling an event.

A Microsoft Teams link will be generated automatically and added to the event invitation shared with the attendees.

Interviewers can find this link in the event information in the Recruitee calendar and when clicking the banner in the candidate's profile.

Click Start interview to join the Microsoft Teams interview.

Setting up the integration

To enable this integration, follow the steps below. Your role within Recruitee needs to have access to the Integrations settings in order to do this.

1. Go to Settings > Apps and plugins > Integrations and choose Integrate now for Microsoft Teams.

2. Read the information and confirm by clicking Accept and integrate.

3. You will be redirected to Sign in to your Microsoft account.

4. Recruitee and Microsoft Teams are now connected.

5. Under Manage, you can view which Microsoft Teams account is connected and remove the integration.

What data do Recruitee and Microsoft Teams exchange?

  • The candidate’s name is saved in the meeting topic in Microsoft Teams

  • No personal information from Microsoft Teams is saved in Recruitee

  • Recruitee saves the meeting ID and the link to join the meeting

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