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Send analytics about your candidates’ progress to Indeed to get enhanced job posting results

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Improve job targeting, as well as candidate quality and experience, by sharing analytics with Indeed. The data can be used by Indeed to find candidates that are more likely to move through your pipeline by identifying if their skills match your requirements.

Enable sending the data to Indeed by going to Marketplace > Categories > Job advertising and clicking the toggle Share analytics under Settings.

Note: Only stages that you have set a stage type for can be mapped to an Indeed status. Make sure you set stage types for your pipeline’s stages as described here.

What data is shared with Indeed?

Once a candidate applies to one of your jobs with Indeed, their Indeed apply ID will be saved. When moving in your pipeline, the time and date when a candidate is moved to a certain stage type is shared. The data sent to Indeed consists of a timestamp, an Apply ID, the application status, the Recruitee company ID, and the company name.

Please also consult Indeed’s technical documentation for more information.

The following events in Recruitee can be mapped to an Indeed status:

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