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Get valuable insights about your applicants and job ads with Vonq

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Setting up the integration

As this integration will be set up for you by Vonq, please follow the steps described in Vonq’s help article. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Careers site to find your subdomain, which you will need for the set up. Your subdomain is anything before .recruitee.com under Address.

Setting up Vonq Recruitment Analytics

In order to make use of Vonq’s Recruitment Analytics you will have to add a custom code snippet to your Recruitee careers site. You can find the snippet and further instructions about it in Vonq’s help article.

To add the custom code snippet, go to your Careers site.

Open the Careers site editor by clicking the tab on the left.

Scroll down to the bottom and select Custom Styling.

The custom code snippet from Vonq needs to be added under Scripts in header.

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