If your Recruitee account is not connected to your RecruitRobin account yet, please follow the instructions under setting up the connection first.

Sending candidates to Recruitee

When setting up a search in RecruitRobin, you can easily select the associated Job in Recruitee under ATS Vacancy.

Going through your search’s results in RecruitRobin, you can accept candidates by clicking the check mark icon.

All accepted candidates will automatically be added to the connected Job’s pipeline in Recruitee.

Setting up the connection

1. In the bottom-left corner of Robin, select Connections and then ATS.

2. Click + Connect your ATS.

3. Tick Recruitee, fill in your API token under Key, and select the users in your RecruitRobin account who the connection is available for or whether it is available for your entire team. Click Connect ATS.

Note: You can create an API token in your Recruitee account under Settings > Apps and Plugins > Personal API Tokens by clicking + New Token.

4. RecruitRobin is now connected to your Recruitee account. You can activate and deactivate the connection with the toggle on the left, and edit or delete the connection with the icons on the right.

If you have any questions about this integrations, please reach out to RecruitRobin via their chat or via

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