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Create and edit screening question templates
Create and edit screening question templates
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Create templates for sets of screening questions you use on a regular basis to improve the consistency and efficiency of your hiring process.

When editing a job, simply pick a screening question template under Application form.

Note: Team members can only edit screening question templates if they have Manage templates checked in their hiring role.

In this article:

Create a new template

2. Click + New template.

3. Decide whether you’d like to create a new template from scratch or duplicate an existing template.

4. Name your template, optionally select or create a category for it, and click Create.

5. An empty screening question template will appear. Click + Add new.

6. Select an answer type.

7. In the top-right, select if you want to make the question optional or required for candidates to answer.

8. Click the toggle to make a screening question a knockout question. Knockout questions help you automatically eliminate candidates who don’t fit your job’s requirements.

Pick a disqualifying answer and a disqualify reason. Candidates that respond to the screening question with this answer will automatically be disqualified.

You can choose these screening question types as knockout questions:

Yes/No, Single choice, Multiple choice

⚠️ If the disqualify reason you have picked has an automated action assigned, it will trigger immediately after the candidate applied.

9. Click Visible to everyone to manage the question’s visibility.

10. Click Save or Save & add another.

Save an existing set of screening questions as a template

1. Go to a job where you are already using the set of screening questions and click Edit.

2. Go to Application form.

3. Click Custom for this job next to Screening questions and select Save as template.

4. Name your template, optionally select or create a category for it, and click Create.

5. Your template will now appear under Settings > Templates > Screening questions. If you adjust the template in the settings, it will be adjusted in all jobs using this template.

Note: Editing screening questions in a job that uses a template will not adjust the template itself. The set of screening questions will then be custom for the particular job.

Manage templates

Under Settings > Templates > Screening questions, click the star next to one of your templates to set it as default. If you set a template as default, it will be used in all new jobs.

Within the template, you can also click … next to a template’s name to set it as default, duplicate, or delete it. Here you can also see how many and in which jobs the template is used.

Rearrange templates

Drag and drop screening questions templates into your preferred order within its category to easily find them.

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