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Hotelprofessionals integration

Easily promote your jobs on

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Do you post your hotel jobs on With this integration, you will be able to do it directly from Recruitee with one click.

If the integration isn’t enabled in your account yet, please first follow the instructions under setting up the integration.

Post jobs on Hotelprofessionals

1. Choose a job you would like to promote on Hotelprofessionals, select Promote, and click Show more.

2. Click the + button next to Hotelprofessionals.

3. Check the information, correct if necessary, and click Publish.

The job has now been published on Hotelprofessionals.

Note: You can also edit/remove the posting by clicking the Pencil icon.

Setting up the integration

To enable this integration, follow the steps below. Your role within Recruitee needs to have access to the integrations settings in order to do this.

1. Go to Marketplace > Categories > Job advertising and select Hotelprofessionals to Integrate.

2. Read the information and confirm by clicking Accept and integrate.

3. Fill in your Hotelprofessionals credentials, select + Add location if you have multiple locations, and click on Integrate to finish the integration.

Note: Company ID and ZIP code must match settings from Hotelprofessionals.

If you don’t know your Company ID, you must contact Hotelprofessionals beforehand and let them know you’re trying to integrate with Recruitee.

4. Recruitee and Hotelprofessionals are now connected. Under Manage you can see which roles have the ability to post jobs on Hotelprofessionals.

5. Under Manage, you can also change the added locations or remove the integration altogether.

Note: Please make sure to double-check the Company ID or ZIP codes that you have filled in as they will not be validated.

What personal data does Recruitee send to Hotelprofessionals?

  • Location: Company ID, ZIP code

  • Offer: Title, Description, Requirements, Is CV required, is cover letter required, Apply URL

  • Additional data: Education, Type of employment, Experience, Feature, Salary, Weekly hours, Departments, Functions, Required languages.

Note: Recruitee does not save any personal data from Hotelprofessionals.

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