What is a third party integration?
Updated over a week ago

A third party integration is any integration that is not built by Recruitee. 

Recruitee aims to be connected to as many other applications as possible through integrations. Instead of building every integration itself, Recruitee encourages third parties to build them. Such third parties are able to freely build integrations because Recruitee has an open API. 

Third party integrations are listed in the Recruitee marketplace to allow users to easily search for them.

Because third party integrations are built by the third party, Recruitee has less influence over what data flows through the integration, how reliable the integration is, how secure the integration is, and whether the integration is compliant with laws and regulations. If you are planning on using a third party integration, you should make sure to research the third party integration more extensively from an IT, operations, legal, and information security perspective. Any information about third party integrations should be requested from the third party itself.

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