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Forward your new hires from Recruitee to your Hibob account

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Do you use Hibob to manage your onboarding and other HR processes? With this integration you can send new hires to Hibob from your Recruitee account with only a few clicks.

If the Hibob integration isn’t enabled in your account yet, please follow the instructions under setting up the integration first.

Send new hires to Hibob

1. Go to the hired candidate's profile. Click More > in the dropdown menu choose Send to Hibob.

2. Check the information and correct it if necessary. Select the preferred start date and admin email addresses that you would like to get notified, and click Send.

Note: In order to be recognized by Hibob, the job title in Recruitee must be exactly the same as the one in Hibob.

3. The candidate's profile will now have a Hibob Badge so you and your team members are able to see whether a profile has already been sent to Hibob. If you hover your mouse over the badge, it will display who sent the profile to Hibob and when.

4. Team members that were added under Recruiter emails in step 2 will be notified by Hibob via email to complete the hiring process. Information from Recruitee will be filled in automatically and all files will be available.

Note: Team members selected under Recruiter emails must have an account in Hibob and be an administrator. If you are not receiving email notifications about your new hires, please reach out to Hibob’s support to help you adjust your settings accordingly.

Setting up the Integration

To enable this integration, follow the steps below. Your role within Recruitee needs to have access to the integrations settings in order to do this.

In Hibob

1. Go to Settings > Account > Integrations, scroll down to the Recruitment section and click Connect next to Hire API.

2. Click Add new integration.

3. Give your integration a name and click Save.

4. Click the vertical ellipses next to the integration and select Manage.

5. Here you can find the URL and Secret that you will need to integrate in Recruitee.

6. Go to Settings > Company > Flows > New hire and click Manage under the flow you will be using.

7. Under Categories and Fields select the following fields: Personal mobile, Social - Facebook, Social - Twitter, Social - LinkedIn

8. Under Features, toggle the switch next to Enable docs on this template to allow files from candidate profiles in Recruitee to be saved in Hibob.

In Recruitee

1. Go to Marketplace > Categories > HRIS and select Hibob to Integrate.

2. Read the information and confirm by clicking Accept & Integrate.

3. Fill in your Hibob credentials and click Integrate.
If you don't have these credentials already, you can request them from Hibob's support. 

4. Recruitee and Hibob are now connected. Under Manage you can select who is able to view and send profiles to Hibob.

5. Decide which roles can see if a profile has already been sent to Hibob. You can also select which roles are able to send profiles to your Hibob account.

6. You can also remove the integration via Recruitee under Manage.

What personal data does Recruitee send to Hibob?

Candidate’s first name, last name, email address, phone number, all files in the candidate profile, email addresses of chosen team members in the account.

Note: Recruitee does not save any personal data from Hibob

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