With the Bryq integration, it will become a simple click to invite candidates to complete a cognitive and psychometric assessment. 

If the integration isn’t enabled yet in your account please first follow the instructions under Setting up the integration.

Invite candidates to complete an assessment

  1. Go to the candidate profile who you want to invite for an assessment. Click on More and in the dropdown menu choose the Send Bryq assessment option.

Or choose for Send assessment under the CV / Resume block.

2. Make sure the name and email address are correct. From the drop-down menu choose the assessment you want to invite the candidate for. Click on Send assessment and Bryq will email the assessment invitation to the candidate. 

3. After this, a Bryq badge is added to the profile. This way you and your teammates can see if a candidate was already invited for an assessment. If you hover your mouse over the badge it will display the requested assessment.

Note: You can invite a candidate to as many assessments as you want. 

4. If a candidate finished the assessment the badge will be updated with the score of the assessment. Scroll down in the candidate’s profile and click on Open to to view the results in Bryq itself.

Setting up the integration

To enable the Bryq integration, follow the steps below. In order to do so, your role within Recruitee needs to have access to the Integrations settings.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps and plugins > Integrations and click on the Integrate Now button for Bryq

2. Read the information and approve by clicking on Accept & Integrate.

2. Next, you will be asked to fill in your Bryq API key. Click on Integrate to finish the integration. 

Note: Copy your API key from your Bryq account under Company Settings > Integration. Please contact Bryq on support@bryq.com if you can’t find your API key.

3. Recruitee and Bryq are now connected. Under Manage you can select who should be able to view and request assessments.

5. Decide which roles should be able to see if an assessment was already requested. Next to this, select which roles should have the possibility to request assessments.

6. You can also remove the integration via Recruitee under Manage.

What data does Recruitee send to Bryq?

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