Important: Features in the Beta period are still being tested and are not yet available in all accounts.
The referral portal is set up, now it is time to create Referral question templates, invite referrers and more.

  1. You probably would like to receive some background information from each referral, you can use the Referral questions for this to ask the referrers.
  2. Go to Settings > Workflow > Referral questions.

3. Create a new template or edit/duplicate existing templates. You can use a different template for each job, so make sure to add the questions you want to know per specific job.
There are several answer types you can choose from and you can make questions required. 

4. You can select a template as default, this one will be used when you first enable referrals for a job.

5. If you have added your preferred questions, go to the job you want to enable referrals for. You can also bulk enable referrals.

6. Go to the Referrals tab within the job and toggle the switch to enable referrals for this job.

Note: referrals can only be enabled for published and internal jobs

7. Now you can assign the award for the referral and select the Referral question template. From here you can also customise the referral questions further to the needs of this specific job.

Note: you can only assign one award to a job. If the reward is not added yet go to Referral Portal Settings > Rewards to add, edit or delete rewards. From here you can also assign rewards to your jobs.

8. The job is now visible in your Referral Portal and team members can start referring people.

8. Everyone who has access to your Recruitee account will automatically have access to your Referral portal. 

If you want to invite other referrers go to Settings > Company > Referrals > Referrers, click on the + invite referrer. Fill in the email address of the referrer and send the invitation. 

9. Referred candidates will be shown in a separate Referred stage in the job’s pipeline

10. You can see who referred this person and the answers to the referral questions in the candidate profile.

11. If you want to get notified about referrals go to Settings > Profile > Notifications, you can enable notifications for when Referrals are enabled or disabled or when Candidates are referred.

12. If a referred person is hired the claim for the reward will be shown under Settings > Company > Claims.

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