LinkedIn has modified its functionality, effective Dec. 31, 2018, changing how candidates can apply and the profile information visible in your account.

What it means

  1. The new Apply with LinkedIn (AWLI) feature enables you to allow candidates to apply by submitting their full LinkedIn profile. 

  2. You must be a customer of at least one of the following LinkedIn products in order to enable this integration: LinkedIn Recruiter, Recruiter Professional Services, or LinkedIn paid Job Slots contract (this feature is not available for companies with LinkedIn Recruiter Lite or with only paid postings)

  3. If you have a LinkedIn Recruiter account, you may be able to see in LinkedIn those applicants who applied or started the application process without submitting their application.

Enable Apply with LinkedIn

Recruitee’s integration with Apply with LinkedIn allows candidates to fill out your job applications using their LinkedIn profile data with just a click of a button. Candidates won’t need to sign in to LinkedIn for each application, and you’ll receive a link to their LinkedIn profile within Recruitee.

Adding Apply With LinkedIn to your job postings is done through two steps: 

  1. Linking your LinkedIn contract to enable the new version;

  2. Adding AWLI to your application forms.

Link your LinkedIn contract at Settings > Apps and plugins > Apply with LinkedIn

Next, you’ll be able to select which LinkedIn contract to link with Recruitee. If, like most companies, you only have one contract, it will be automatically selected. 

Otherwise, simply click ‘Continue’ next to the appropriate contract to select it.

In Recruitee, after authorizing the integration, Integrated will show for LinkedIn and the Apply with LinkedIn button will be enabled for the jobs on your careers site. You can edit the integration at any point.

Under a job, you can also enable the Apply with LinkedIn button. If you click on Add Integration, you will be redirected to Settings in Recruitee and can follow the steps above.

The Apply with LinkedIn button can be enabled/disabled for all jobs on your careers site.

Note: If you plan to use Apply with LinkedIn data to recruit for multiple companies, you need to select an additional checkbox. It will automatically display the information to the job page visitors: "We'll share your full profile. The job poster may use it for jobs with other companies." 

Add AWLI to your application form at Jobs > Application form > Application preferences

Once the sync is complete, you’ll want to make sure you’ve added AWLI to your application form.

Under ‘Application preferences’, simply click 'visible' for Apply with LinkedIn.

This will automatically add the ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ button to your job postings. 

The text next to the “Apply with LinkedIn” button will update and appear like this:

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