Do you want to use single sign-on with Recruitee? In order to be able to use single sign-on with Recruitee, you need to have a pre-configured application with a supported authorization management platform. In this article, we explain how to do this for Google Suite.

Create a new application for SSO in Google Suite

1. Go to your Google Admin Console and click Apps.

2. Click on the SAML apps tile.

3. Click "+" Enable SSO for a SAML Application in the bottom right corner.

4. In Step 1 of the pop-up click on Setup my own custom app.

5. In Step 2 scroll down to Option 2 at the bottom and download the IDP metadata file (as a result, an XML file will be downloaded). After this click Next.

6. Under Step 3 type in a relevant name under Application Name (Recruitee is recommended as the Application Name) and click Next.

7. In Step 4 add the following values:

  • ACS URL: YOUR_COMPANY_NAME stands for your company subdomain from Recruitee (same that is used on your careers site) - it will be used for generating a unique SSO login URL for your users.
  • Entity ID: recruitee 
  • Select the box for Signed Response
  • Name ID: Basic Information & Primary Email 
  • Name ID Format: EMAIL

Note: If you need to turn on SSO for multiple accounts, please contact Support.

8. Under Step 5 first click Add new mapping and enter the following details "email -Basic Information - Primary Email". After this, click Finish.

Optionally, you could also add mapping for First Name and Last Name. With this, users who register with your SSO-enabled company will have these fields pre-filled in the registration form. You can also add them later in SAML app settings.

9. After you have finished step 5, you will see the following information box and should click OK.

10. Go to the SAML Apps section.

11. Set the SAML App for Recruitee as ON for everyone (or enable per user roles by clicking ON for some) and confirm the choice.

12. After this, login to Recruitee and go to Settings > Company Settings > SSO.

13. Select the default role for new users and upload the XML file under Upload file and request SSO.

Important: It is possible to change a user's role within Recruitee after they sign up. If you select a role that has restricted access to jobs/talent pools, like reviewer, you will have to assign jobs/talent pools to new users manually within Recruitee.

14. Recruitee Support will contact you about when to activate your single sign-on integration. 

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