If you’re going to be chatting with a candidate, you can build a more personal relationship with them by inviting them to a video call with you. Recruitee video calls offer way more than just a way to connect with candidates who can't make it to the office. They make it simple to organize a group video call, chat with your candidate, or give them a call.

Supported browsers:


  • The quality of your call depends on your bandwidth. This can cause issues if you are moving and you enter a space where the wifi signal is not as strong or fluctuates. 
  • This feature is hosted within Europe, therefore the call connection might not be optimal when used outside of Europe.
  • If you can't hear your contact or your contact cannot hear you, make sure microphone permissions are enabled and your firewall or a third-party app is not limiting or blocking Recruitee's access to the internet.
  • If you are using a custom firewall setup, make sure that the following ports are open for video calls:
80 TCP HTTP/BOSH/Websocket
443 TCP HTTP/BOSH/Websocket
4443 TCP videostream for very restrictive environments
10000-20000 UDP/TCP videostream RTP

How to schedule a video interview

It's as easy to schedule a video interview as it is to schedule any meeting in Recruitee. You can easily add other team members to join a video interview:

You can customize the email template:

Now, candidates will receive an interview invite in their inbox with a link included that they can click to join the video interview.

Calendar invites for video interviews

Once you've sent out the interview invite to a candidate, a notification will appear on all participants' calendars:

Before the call

Your candidate can join the call directly from the calendar invite you shared. When they click the event link, they will be taken to a waiting page where they can start the interview at the right time and see who they are meeting with.

Identify the best talent faster

Talking with your best candidates over video will help you quickly understand whether they’re a good fit for your company. If your candidates are also considering other companies, you’ll have a competitive edge over your competitors by building a more personal relationship with your candidates over video.

What's Next

You can use video to engage your candidates in a number of ways:

  • Learn how to schedule video interviews with your candidates using scheduler.
  • Let candidates record themselves answering your screening questions using video answers.
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