1. Go to a candidate profile > In the top right corner, click the 'Schedule' icon.

2. Choose a date, time, and decide how long the event should last.

You can change the time zone by clicking the time zone info on the right side.

3. If there are many team members attending the event, you can find the best time slot for all. 

Click 'Find time' on the left side of the time zone info.

4. Click the '+' button in the top right corner to add the team members attending the event.

5. Choose the time range you want to check. 

Toggle between 'Week' and 'Day' to check your available time within a week or a day respectively.

Click the "..." icon > 'Show weekends' to show Saturday and Sunday in the "Week" view.

6. Scheduled events in your team's Recruitee Calendar and synced calendars will appear as light-blue blocks in the left column of the day.

Pick a slot where everyone is available in the right column.

7. To change the starting time and/or the duration of your chosen time slot, click on it > Change the 'Starting time' and 'Duration' > Click 'Change'.

8. Click 'Continue with...' in the lower right corner to save your chosen time slot.

9. Back to the 'Schedule event' window, under 'Type', you can choose:

  • 'On-site interview': You can add a 'Location' detail to the scheduled event.
  • 'Phone interview': There is no 'Location' detail in the scheduled event.
  • 'Meeting':
  • 'Video interview':

10. Enter the location of the scheduled event if you chose 'On-site interview'.

11. Leave a note for the attending team members.

12. If the attending team members need to fill out evaluation form(s) of the candidate, click 'Request evaluation'.

13. Select an evaluation form and the team members who need to fill it out > Click 'Request now'.

14. Repeat the two steps above to add as many evaluation forms as you want to the scheduled event.

15. Click 'Next step > Notify attendees'.

16. Under 'Summary', review the most important details of the event you just scheduled.

17. Under 'Email notification', check the box 'Notify candidate' and/or 'Notify interviewer(s)' if you want to send them an email notification.

18. If you checked 'Notify candidate', review and edit the email notification that will be sent to the candidate.

19. If you checked 'Notify interviewer(s)', click 'Customize email notification to interviewer(s)' to review and edit the email notification that will be sent to the attending team members.

20. Click 'Notify & schedule' to save your scheduled event and notify the candidate as well as the attending team members. 

What's next?

You can automatically schedule candidate interviews by using Scheduler. Create your first Scheduler link here.

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