Sharing your Event scheduler link

Share your Event scheduler link with prospective candidates

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Interview scheduling used to take a long time, but with Event scheduler, it is as easy as sharing your link. When a candidate lands on your scheduling page through the shared link, all they have to do is pick an available date and time that works for them.

Note: A candidate can only use this link once. You can send the same link to multiple candidates since each candidate will get a separate link. If one of them books an appointment, the other candidates won’t be able to double-book you.

Once your candidate chooses an available time to meet with you, the details are automatically published to your connected calendar.

Both you and the candidate will receive a booking confirmation in your email inboxes, and the event will be shown in your upcoming events in your Recruitee dashboard.

Try it today by simply sharing an Event scheduler link in your next email or text invite.

What’s next?

There are a few things you should do to get the most from Event scheduler:

  • First, sync your preferred calendar to have Event scheduler check your availability.

  • Second, make sure your team members have their calendars synced as well so Event scheduler can find the times that work for all members of the recruitment team.

  • Finally, include your Event scheduler link in your email templates when you bulk email candidates.

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