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Create evaluation form

Make evaluation forms for structured interviews & detailed candidate evaluations

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Once you have created an evaluation form, you can easily add it to any candidate profile or request that a team member fills it out.

1. Go to Settings > Templates > Evaluation forms and click New Template.

2. Fill out the name of the evaluation form and its category if applicable, and click Create.

3. If you have any instruction on filling out the evaluation form, insert it in the Evaluation prep box.

4. Click + Add new to add questions to your evaluation form.

There are nine types of questions you can add:

  • Text (single line): An open-ended question that requires a short answer.

  • Text (multiple lines): An open-ended question that requires a long answer.

  • Scorecard: A list of criteria where you can score No, Not sure, Yes, or Strong yes

  • Yes / No: A question that requires a Yes or No answer.

  • Single choice: A question that allows only one choice selected from the provided options, in the form of a checklist.

  • Multiple choice: A question that allows more than one choice selected from the provided options.

  • Drop-down: A question that allows only one choice selected from the provided options, in the form of a drop-down menu.

  • Add a file: A question that allows file uploading.

  • Info box: A text field to provide information for the evaluators before or after a question.

5. With each question, you can:

Mark it as required.

Duplicate it.

Delete it.

Move it up or down the question above or below it.

6. To add a question between two existing questions, hover your cursor over the space between the two questions > Click + > Choose a question type > Type the question out.

7. At the end of every evaluation form, there is a default question that evaluators have to answer.


  • This question cannot be edited or removed, but it can be made required or optional.

  • The thumb rating here will amount to the overall rating of a candidate.

8. Click Save in the top right corner to save your evaluation form.

Click the pencil icon next to the evaluation form’s name to edit its name or category .

Click … to duplicate or delete it.

Try this now in your Recruitee account!

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