Recruitee allows you to use a shared calendar as the default to schedule interviews or let's you sync your personal calendar to see all your team member's schedules in one place. 

View your calendar

1.Click "Dashboard" on the left menu > Click the "Calendar" icon.

2. Under "Filter", you can select:

  • "My": your synced events from your personal calendar. 
  • "Team": All events from your shared team calendar.

3. Click the date range to adjust it.

4. Toggle between "Week" and "Day" to check events scheduled within a week or a day respectively.

5. Click the "..." icon > "Show weekends" to show Saturday and Sunday in the "Week" view.

6. Click the current time zone on the top left corner of Calendar to adjust it.

What's next?

You can quickly scheduling candidate interviews with prospective candidates using Scheduler. Setup your first interview here.

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