Upload and parse CVs

Upload CVs and have them parsed into candidate profiles in Recruitee

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To upload a resume or CV, navigate to the candidates overview or the relevant job. Click on the + Add candidates button and choose the Upload CVs/Resumes option.

Next, select the job where you want to upload candidates.

If the job is associated with several locations, select the locations you want to associate the candidate with.

Then select the files/folder or drag and drop CVs from your computer into the Drag & Drop window. Supported file types are PDF, Word, and ODT files.

Once the parsing is finished, you can click on each candidate's name on the left to check the parsed information. If the information is incorrect, you can edit and save it. The original CV will be displayed on the right for easy reference. After you have checked the information click on + Add candidates and the candidate profiles will be added to the selected job.

You can upload as many CVs as you need, but larger batches will take longer to process so it's best to do it in batches of 50 or less.

What's next?

With profile fields, you can decide what data you want to collect from the candidate's CV. You can create templates for profile fields, and for each job you can predefine which fields you want to extract from the CV. This will help you later when searching your candidate database. 

Set up your required profile fields and the extracted data will be entered directly into the relevant fields and the candidate's experience will be visualized. 

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