With Checkr integration, you can run different background checks on your candidates in Recruitee.

1. Click "Settings" on the left menu.

2. Under "Apps and plugins", click "Integrations".

3. Click the "Integrate now" button in the Checkr tab.

4. If you don’t have an account with Checkr yet, you will need to complete their three steps to log in.

5. If you already have an account with Checkr, click “Sign in” > Fill out your login details > "Sign in" > “Click here to connect”.

6. You will be redirected to the “Integrations” page in Recruitee. Your Checkr tab should say “Integrated” now.

7. To start a background check, go to the candidate profile you want to check. Click the new “Background” tab > Click “Add”.

8. In “Email address”, make sure that you have the right address of the candidate there. The background check will not be performed without an email address.

9. In “Background check package”, choose the kind of background check(s) you want to perform from the drop-down menu. Five types of background checks are always included by default:

  • County Criminal Search
  • National Criminal Search
  • Sex Offender Search
  • SSN Trace
  • Global Watchlist Search

10. Click “Request” and Checkr will email the background check(s) to the candidate.

11. Each background check's status will be updated in real time in the candidate profile. There are eight status it can have:

  • “Invited”: The invitation to the background check was emailed to the candidate. The candidate hasn't replied yet. You can always cancel an invitation by clicking “Cancel”. If the candidate already complete the background check and Checkr is running, you won't be able to cancel it.
  • “Cancelled”: The invitation to the background check has been canceled by you or your team.
  • “Pending”: The candidate has completed the background check and Checkr is cross-checking the data.
  • “Clear”: The candidate has finished the background check and the result is positive.
  • “Consider”: The candidate has finished the background check and the result is negative.
  • “Expired”: The candidate didn’t finish the background check within one week.
  • "Suspended": The candidate was asked to provide additional documentation and Checkr is waiting for that.
  • "Dispute": The candidate disagrees with the result of the background check and requests a reinvestigation. You can read more about this here.

You can run as many background checks as you want with candidates in Recruitee. You can click on each background check to see its report in Checkr anytime.

If you want to remove the integration, go to "Settings" > Click "Integrated” in the Checkr tab > “Remove”.


  • In order to enable Checkr integration and run background checks on candidates, a user needs to have “Manage candidates (move/edit)” and “Checkr integration” options enabled in their role.
  • If you’re creating a new account with Checkr, it might take up to 24 hours for the account to be made. During that time, you won’t see the “Background” tab in the candidate profiles in Recruitee.

Try this now in your Recruitee account! Make sure you are logged in to keep all your changes saved.

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