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Send notifications to Slack from Recruitee

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With the Slack integration, you can send notifications from your company account in Recruitee to your Slack channel(s).

Integrate Slack with Recruitee

1. Go to Marketplace > Categories > Productivity and communication and select Slack to Integrate.

2. Check the information, search for the Slack channel you would like to receive notifications from, and confirm by clicking Allow.

3. Choose the notifications you would like to receive and click Done.

Note: You can add more channels by selecting + Add Channel.

4. Meanwhile, an announcement about the integration will appear in your designated Slack channel.

From this point onwards, all your team's activities that you have allowed in Recruitee will be sent to the Slack channel. For example:

Note: You will only be able to open the Candidates/Jobs/Talent Pools that your Hiring role has access to.

5. Recruitee and Slack are now connected. Under Settings you can click to edit the notifications you would like to receive, or Remove the integration altogether.

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