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Work with email templates

Craft your own custom email templates. Discover the placeholders to include, how to style each template, and more.

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Recruitee comes with default email templates, but you can also create your own. Go to Settings > Templates > Email templates, and you can add and edit your own.

Your hiring role needs to have access to Manage templates to be able to create/edit email templates.

Types of email templates

When creating email templates, you can pick between three different types:

  • General email templates are for general purposes that will speed up your workflow. You can (bulk-)send general email templates to candidates or use them for automated actions.

  • Auto-confirmation email templates are used for automatic confirmation emails within jobs when candidates apply. If you have multiple languages enabled in your account, you can create auto-confirmation email templates in multiple languages.

  • Event invitation email templates are used when scheduling events with candidates. This template also has a specific field containing the event information.

Create custom email templates

1. Click + New Template.

2. Give your template a name for reference and select a type.

3. Fill out:

  • Email subject: The subject of the email sent to candidates. You can use placeholders like [job_offer] to automatically populate the correct data in the sent email. Learn about using placeholders.

  • Email text: The body of the email sent to candidates. You can use placeholders within the email text as well.

  • Use the buttons in the editor to insert hyperlinks and images, or use HTML in your template.

  • Optionally insert a questionnaire, scheduler link, or GDPR links or attach a file.

4. Set the visibility of the email template.

  • Visible to everyone: All team members with the appropriate hiring roles can access and use the email templates.

  • Visible to selected: Only selected team members and/or hiring roles can view this email template.

  • Visible to only me: Only you can access and use the email template. Note: The email template will be in the Private category.

📌 The email template is in the Team category.

5. Click Save.

Edit email templates

Click the email template you want to edit. You can change the email template's name, subject, text, and visibility and also duplicate the template. Hit save when you are done editing.

Rearrange email templates

From the list view, drag and drop an email template to place it in your desired order.

Send an email template to a candidate

1. Go to a candidate profile and select the Messages tab.

2. Click New email or Reply to start composing a new email.

3. Click Insert and select Email templates to select one of your email templates from the drop-down menu.

The placeholders from the selected email template will populate data immediately. If your candidate is assigned to several jobs, make sure the correct one is selected.

⚠️ Placeholders inserted into the subject line of an email will not populate a preview when you are drafting an email.

4. Click Send.

⚠️ To ensure placeholders interpolating data, always insert an email template via the drop-down menu and select placeholders in the placeholder bar, or from the drop-down after typing a square bracket and a few characters. Do not copy-paste email templates into the editor and do not manually write out placeholders, as they may not interpolate data, and candidates may receive emails with placeholders instead of their data as a result. Learn about using placeholders.

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