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Decide which email you want to use when communicating with candidates

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When sending emails to candidates from Recruitee, you have two options: Using the Recruitee email address or connecting your own mailbox.

Recruitee email address

The Recruitee email comes with your account and is used by default. It consists of your first name, the name of your company account, and, and can be customized. All emails between you and your candidates are stored in the Recruitee mailbox.

Your own mailbox

Use your own mailbox by connecting it via a two-way sync. This way, all emails with candidates in Recruitee will appear in your own mailbox and vice versa.

Editing the Recruitee email address

Customize the first part of your Recruitee email address.

2. Click the horizontal ellipse, and select Edit.

3. Enter the desired email address and click Update.

📌 We will auto-forward emails from previous email addresses to your current Recruitee email address.

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