Your jobs can be automatically displayed on your own website. There are four ways you can show jobs from Recruitee on your own website.

1 – Use a CUSTOM DOMAIN for your careers site in Recruitee

If your company's website is "", you can set up a subdomain like "" and use it as a custom domain for your careers site in Recruitee (""). With this option, you can still use the careers site provided by Recruitee while having it hosted on your subdomain. 

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Recruitee's jobs widget is JavaScript code you can insert into your own website. The widget will display your published jobs from Recruitee on your website. If you edit any of those jobs in Recruitee, the changes will be updated automatically on your website. The jobs widget is plain CSS, so you can style it as much as you want.

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3 – Full integration with API

API integration is the most complicated, but it gives the most possibilities. Please check the docs of Recruitee's API. The public API doesn’t require any authentication.

NOTE: If you use the careers site API to post jobs from Recruitee to your own website, your default careers site hosted by Recruitee ( will still be live. Please contact if you want to disable your default careers site hosted by Recruitee.

Read more: 


You can also mix integrations. For example, you can list all jobs on your own website via Recruitee's API. When someone clicks “Apply” on a job, you redirect them to the application form on your careers site from Recruitee (the field "careers_apply_url" in JSON is the link to your application form).

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