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Set up and manage notifications in your Recruitee account

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Set preferences for what kind of events, jobs, or candidates you’d like to stay on top of via notifications and manage notifications, so none of them fall through the cracks.

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Setting up notifications

Set up what notifications you would like to receive and where.

2. Select the notifications you would like to receive in the web app, mobile app, or via email.

You can select notifications for Basic actions, Followed candidates, Followed jobs or talent pools, Candidates in jobs followed by me, and Company. Click Show advanced settings to expand the list.

⚠️ To receive certain notifications, you have to follow candidates, jobs, or talent pools.

💡 Click Reset to defaults in the top-right to set your notifications to the default settings for your hiring role.

Auto-forwarding emails

If you don’t have your own mailbox connected to Recruitee, you may want to forward incoming emails from candidates to your inbox.

Toggle the switch to activate it.

Report about incoming candidates

Select if you’d like to receive a report about incoming candidates. You can pick between daily at a specific time and weekly on a particular day and time.

Follow jobs, talent pools, and candidate profiles to get notifications

To receive certain notifications about jobs, talent pools, and candidates, you have to follow them.

You can follow jobs, talent pools, and candidates by clicking the follow icon. You will find it in the jobs and talent pools section, in each job, talent pools, or candidate profile, and in the candidate card in the pipeline.

Managing notifications

Check and manage your notifications so nothing important slips through the cracks.

New notifications appear in the top-right of Recruitee. Click the bell icon to view them.

Here, you will see all unread notifications. Mark them as read individually by clicking the dot next to a notification or click Mark all as read in the top-right.

Click Show all to browse through read and unread notifications in this pop-up.

Click View all or go here to see all notifications and filter them by Job, Talent pool, Date range, or Activity type.

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