You can set up auto-confirmation emails that your candidates will receive automatically after applying to one of your jobs.

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Managing Auto-reply email templates

Create Auto-reply email templates and select a default one.

Go to Settings > Templates > Email templates.

Under Auto-reply you can find all auto-confirmation email templates for your company account. You can set one of them as default by clicking the star icon next to its name in the list. The default auto-reply email template will be used for all new jobs created.

If you want to use a different template for a job, simply pick an auto-confirmation email template under Workflow or adjust it there to make the email custom for the particular job.


You can use numerous placeholders to interpolate information based on, for example, the candidate or the job the candidate is assigned. Learn about using placeholders.


Write your own version of the auto-confirmation email in any language. The visual indicators will tell you how much of the email you still need to translate, including the title and the body.

💡The auto-confirmation email will be logged in the Email tab of the profile of each candidate that it's sent to. If a candidate replies to the auto-confirmation email, the reply email will appear under the auto-confirmation email as a thread in their candidate profile.

Save an existing auto-confirmation email as a template

If you already have an auto-confirmation email set up for one of your job, you can make it a template.

1. Go to a job where you are already using the auto-reply email and click Edit.

2. Go to Workflow, click Custom for this job next to Auto-confirmation email and select Save as template.

3. Name your template and click Create.

⚠️ Editing an auto-reply email in a job that uses a template will not adjust the template itself. The auto-reply email will then be custom for the particular job.

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