You can set up an auto-confirmation email that will be automatically sent to all candidates applying for Jobs within your company account.

Click "Settings" on the left menu.

Under "Workflow", click "Email templates".

Under the "Default" category, click the "Default auto-confirmation email".


You can make use of five default placeholders: [first_name], [last_name], [candidate], [job_offer], and [company] to make Recruitee automatically populate the right data (like the name of the candidate and the job's title) in the email.


Write your own version of the auto-confirmation email in any language. The visuals indicators will tell you how much of the email you still need to translate, that being the title and the body.


  • The auto-confirmation email will be logged in the "Email" tab of each candidate that it's sent to. If a candidate replies to the auto-confirmation email, the reply email will appear under the auto-confirmation email as a thread in their candidate profile.
  • This auto-confirmation email is used for all of your Jobs by default. If you want to customize the auto-confirmation email per Job, read more here.
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