You can set up auto-confirmation emails that will be sent to candidates applying for Jobs within your company account automatically.

Go to Settings > Templates > Email templates.

Under Auto-reply you can find all auto-confirmation email templates for your company account. You can set one of them as default by clicking the star icon next to its name in the list. The default auto-reply email template will be used for all new jobs created.

If you want to use a different template for a job, simply pick an auto-confirmation email template under Workflow or adjust it there to make the email custom for the particular job.

Save an existing auto-confirmation email as a template

1. Go to a job where you are already using the auto-reply email and click Edit.

2. Go to Workflow, click Custom for this job next to Auto-confirmation email and select Save as template.

3. Name your template and click Create.

Note: Editing an auto-reply email in a job that uses a template will not adjust the template itself. The auto-reply email will then be custom for the particular job.


You can make use of five default placeholders: [first_name], [last_name], [candidate], [job_offer], and [company] to make Recruitee automatically populate the right data (like the name of the candidate and the job's title) in the email.


Write your own version of the auto-confirmation email in any language. The visual indicators will tell you how much of the email you still need to translate, that being the title and the body.

Note: The auto-confirmation email will be logged in the Email tab of the profile of each candidate that it's sent to. If a candidate replies to the auto-confirmation email, the reply email will appear under the auto-confirmation email as a thread in their candidate profile.

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