With Recruitee, you can promote your published jobs to multiple free job boards with just a few clicks.


By default, Recruitee sends any job with the status Published to Indeed automatically.

Additionally, we add structured data to your careers site so that Google can index it and your jobs appear on Google for Jobs.

Please reach out to our support team via chat or support@recruitee.com if you would like to disable auto-posting for your jobs.

Promoting jobs manually

You can manually publish your jobs on other available job boards.

1. Go to the job you would like to promote and select the Job boards tab.

2. Click Publish next to the job board.

3. Some job boards require authorization. Select credentials and click Publish.

Learn more about managing job board credentials.

4. It can take some time for free job postings to appear on the chosen job board(s).

If your job posting lacks certain elements, it may result in its rejection from the job boards. Learn what to do when your job posting is rejected.

Unpublishing jobs

You can unpublish the jobs you published manually. Click the ellipses next to the job board and select Unpublish.

Note: It is not possible to unpublish individual jobs from Indeed or Google for Jobs.

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