With Recruitee you can easily promote your jobs to multiple free job boards with just a few clicks. Follow the instructions below to post your jobs.

1. Go to the Jobs section and click Edit next to the job you’d like to promote.

2. Select the Promote tab.

Note: Only jobs with the status published can be posted on job boards. Learn more about job statuses.

3. Select the free job boards where you want to promote your job and click Publish.


  • Keep in mind that it can take up to two business days for free job postings to appear on the chosen job board(s).

  • Your published jobs are automatically posted on Indeed; other free job boards need to be selected manually.

  • Google indexes your careers site automatically to post your postings on Google for jobs. You can disable the indexing of your careers site by search engines under Settings > Company settings > Careers site.

You can check the status of your posting under the promote tab after you have selected different job boards.

If your job posting is lacking certain elements, it may result in it being rejected from the job boards. Learn what to do when your job posting is rejected.

What’s next?

If you want to post a job on premium job boards, you can start a new job promotion campaign where we will recommend the best channels to post your job. 1450+ job boards are taken into account – ranging from niche to well-known job boards.

Recruitee tracks the efficacy of the job boards and recommends the most relevant job boards for your job so you can make the most of your marketing budget. Learn how to start a job promotion campaign on our premium job boards.

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