Your Jobs can be automatically displayed on your own website by using Recruitee's JavaScript widget or API.

Using Recruitee's JavaScript widget:

When you insert Recruitee's JavaScript code into your website, all your Jobs will be listed there. The information will also stay up-to-date with your changes in Recruitee. It’s plain CSS, so you can also style it as much as you want. Here is the guide to use Recruitee's JavaScript widget.

An example of Recruitee's JavaScript widget in action:

Using Recruitee's API:

If you have an advanced technical team, you can work with our API to show Jobs on your own website.

Here is Recruitee's public API. This API doesn’t require any authentication (just like how your Careers Site doesn’t require authentication from candidates to apply).

Try this now in your Recruitee account! Make sure you are logged in to your own account in order to save all your changes.

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