1. Click "Dashboard" on the left menu.

2. A secondary menu will appear next to the left menu. It has six components.

"Overview": An overview of everything going on in your Recruitee account. 

It includes:

  • The total number of candidates you have.
  • The total number of Jobs you have.
  • A graph showing how many new candidates you have within a certain timeline and where they come from.
  • Your most used tags.

"Calendar": An overview of your and your team's agenda within a week or a day.

It includes:

  • Your team's agenda planned in Recruitee and in the other calendar(s) your team synced.
  • Switch between the "Week" view and the "Day" view.

"Events": A list view of your and your team's scheduled events.

It includes:

  • Your past and upcoming events.
  • Your team's past and upcoming events.

"Evaluations": A list view of your and your team's evaluations.

It includes:

  • Your team's requested, dismissed, and completed evaluation forms.

"Tasks": A list view of your and your team's Tasks.

"Activities": Activities and notifications you have access to.

It includes:

  • All activities of your team relating to Jobs/Talent Pools/candidates your role has access to.

Try this now in your Recruitee account! Make sure you are logged in to your own account in order to save all your changes.

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