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How to upload a picture on your career site
How to upload a picture on your career site
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On your career site you add your logo to the top navigation or footer when you edit the theme of the page.

How to upload in the header

To add a logo, click on Edit theme navigation in the header.

Then, in the side bar, in the Navigation category, click Upload logo

How to upload in the footer

To upload your logo in the feather, click on Footer in the menu on the right hand side.

Click Upload logo

File requirement

The following file types are accepted: JPG, PNG and GIF and must have a maximum of 8mb. We recommend a size of around 400 x 100 for rectangular textual logos and around 100x100 or 200x200 for rectangular ones without text.

The logo size automatically adjust to an uploaded file to maximum 200px width or 80px height -

You can adjust the size of a logo with the cursor to a percentage of a height or width depending on the ratio of the uploaded file.

To provide the best experience when viewing your career site, make sure the logo is visible on navigation background especially if it's on a transparent background


Images can be added to different sections like image section, list sections or gallery sections.

Image media file

File types: JPG, PNG and GIF files with File size: max 8mb Best ratio: Default maximum content width is 1152 px, but it can be overridden inside section size settings to full browser width. In full browser width case its bets to provide media that will at least cover 1920px wide devices.

Background images and videos

In each section, users have an option to use an image or choose YouTube or Vimeo video to its background.

In the body of any page, click Edit section.

Then, in the colors and backgrounds section, click + in the Background section.

Background Image

The accepted file types are JPG, PNG and GIF files. The maximum size for each file is 8mb.

The background size depends on the section’s height. As every screen is different, you can choose between S (33%), M (66%) or L (100%) of the viewport height.

We recommend to use 1920x1080 for desktop and 540x960 or 1080x1920 for mobile and use the size and position options to visually align the image

When you upload background images, we recommend you upload high-quality images (as big as possible) as we’re automatically optimizing images, so the size is not an issue.

Background video

When you select video, click Add video.

You cannot upload videos directly to CareersHub but only link them from video providers such as Vimeo or YouTube.

The video background is automatically stretched to the section boundaries. If the video background is wider or taller than the section, the stretching can cause clipping. To avoid this, it’s best to upload high-resolution video, as people access it with different devices.

The editor automatically matches the centre of the video with the centre of a section.


You can upload a favicon (also known as website icon) inside a page settings so it appears only when people access a specific page, or the site settings so it appears whenever people access any page on your career site.

The types of files accepted are JPG, PNG and GIF files, and the maximum size is 8mb.

The image’s ratio has to be square of 1:1 at least 64x64 pixels.

To upload a favicon on the site settings, go to Settings in your Careerhubs, scroll down to favicon and click Upload image.

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