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Product Nutshell: October
Product Nutshell: October
Updated over a week ago

We kicked off the last quarter of 2023 with the exciting launch of our in-app Marketplace! Plus, we have some more updates around AI and reports. Check them out!

In-app Marketplace

This month, we created a home for all integrations and job boards right inside Recruitee. Discover and immediately integrate add-ons to enhance your account.

The in-app Marketplace is similar to our website’s Marketplace but with extra features. Integrations are categorized for easy search, while collections are unique to the app — they’re like boxes with tools for specific topics.

Each integration has a page with a description, a how-to guide, and details like supported plans and languages. You can add them to your toolkit or request access from your admin.

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AI-generated job description improvements

We simplified our AI job description tool, making the experience more intuitive and “chat-like.” It now takes fewer clicks to adjust the tone, length, or phrasing using your own words.

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Interview and evaluation reports update

We introduced several new metrics, groups, and filters to help you do advanced reporting on interviews and evaluations:

  • Time spent interviewing: Track the total or individual time spent on interviews by team members.

  • Interviewed candidates: View the total number of interviewed candidates and how many each team member has interviewed.

  • Average candidate score: Compare candidates based on evaluations. You can combine this score with candidate sources to assess the quality of different attribution channels.

  • Time to evaluate: Check how fast evaluations are done after the request to measure the effectiveness of the review process.

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