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Product Nutshell: November
Product Nutshell: November
Updated over a week ago

Explore our latest updates in Recruitee by Tellent. From Views and Job auto-republishing to Acquisition Reports, here’s a glimpse of everything new.

View and organize your job lists your way

You now have the power to customize your job lists according to your needs. Customize your views by sorting and grouping jobs, adding swimlanes, and presenting them as tables, lists, or boards. Or, use these predefined views:

  • All: includes all jobs

  • Followed: includes the jobs you follow

  • I’m involved in: shows the hiring processes for jobs in which you are the hiring manager or a recruiter

  • Active: shows published jobs on your careers site or published internally

  • Archived: shows all archived jobs

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Curious about swimlanes?

Let us break it down for you. Use swimlanes to add an extra layer of organization to your views. For instance, create a view that categorizes jobs not just by status but also by department.

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Switch between companies seamlessly

You can now easily switch between companies using our quick search. Simply hit Ctrl K (Cmd K on Mac), type “Switch to,” and switch to another company.

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Automatic job republishing

Say goodbye to the manual process of duplicating and reposting job listings on multiple platforms. Recruitee now allows you to set your job to republish automatically. When your job posting expires, We'll automatically repost it to job boards, ensuring better visibility.

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Introducing acquisition reports

Explore the performance of your paid campaigns with the newly introduced Acquisition Reports. Based on your careers site’s analytics, these reports enable you to track the effectiveness of campaigns and channels in driving traffic and attracting applicants.

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New metrics and filters

We’ve added a few new metrics and filters to let you make the most out of existing reports.

New metric: Job open time

In Jobs reports, you will see a new metric, ‘Job open time.’ Use it to measure how long each job has been open for; both published and internal jobs. It also helps you understand which openings are challenging to fill and allows you to track the overall progress of ongoing recruitments.

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New metric and filters in pipeline reports

You will also see this new metric in pipeline reports, ‘Pipeline events over time.’ Use it to analyze candidates’ movements between stages and stay on top of progress daily.

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A set of fresh filters is now available to enhance your reporting. These filters allow you to gain deeper insights into candidate progression, ensuring you stay informed about crucial pipeline movements:

  • Last moves on pipeline

  • Reached interview stages

  • Reached offer stage

  • Candidate overdue

New marketplace add-ons

HireGPT: Supercharge your hiring process with the ultimate AI-powered recruitment assistant, screen all your candidates in seconds, and find the most qualified fit 10x faster.

inhire IT Talent Pool: Elevate your recruitment game with inhire IT Talent Pool, and join more than 600 companies using the platform to recruit pre-vetted tech talent.

GrabJobs: Streamline your recruitment with a top-tier Hiring Automation platform, and join more than 5,000 companies that efficiently connect employers with millions of job seekers.

BuddeeHR: Transform your SME with a complete HR platform and expert payroll administration in The Netherlands, for streamlined personnel management, cost reductions and time savings. Maximize your recruitment impact with the fast-growing job board in the Netherlands and showcase your vacancies to a vast audience of job seekers across diverse fields.

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