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Share individual candidates 👤
Share individual candidates 👤
Updated over a week ago
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You can now let people see just the candidates you choose.

It’s perfect for bringing team members into the hiring process without sharing everything about the job. 👥🤝

Collaboration made easy

Teamwork is the fuel that powers hiring efficiency.

To ensure better collaboration in Recruitee, we’ve updated our candidate-sharing options so you can control the level of detail you share with others. 🔑

How it works

Let’s say you want a colleague’s input on a candidate, but there’s no need for them to have access to the entire job pipeline.

Now, you can give access exclusively to the candidate profile you wish to share.

Doing so allows them to collaborate on the candidate inside the app: They can leave evaluations, attend interviews, complete tasks, and communicate with team notes.

All the while, they see only the information that’s relevant to them. Nothing more, nothing less.

📌 If they don’t have an account in Recruitee yet, you can invite them as a “Reviewer” and start sharing selected candidates.

Sharing with guests

You can still share a candidate’s profile with anyone outside Recruitee.

This option is suitable for guests who won’t be fully involved in the hiring process but need to give an opinion on candidates.

📚 Visit our help center for more on sharing individual candidates with team members and guests.

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