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Product Nutshell: January
Product Nutshell: January
Updated over a week ago

We’re starting the new year with some updates we hope you’ll enjoy. Take a moment to check them out!

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Share individual candidates

You can now easily share a specific candidate with colleagues or someone outside your company.

What does this mean? Simply put, you can give someone access to just one candidate’s information without exposing your entire job pipeline. Check out this post for more details on sharing individual candidates.

When might you find this useful?

  1. If you’re a recruiter and want another opinion on a candidate’s CV, just go to the candidate’s profile and share it with the relevant person. After they’ve given their feedback, you can easily revoke their access.

  2. While scheduling an interview and requesting an evaluation, you can give access to a candidate’s profile on the fly. If an interviewer doesn’t have access to the candidate, Recruitee will prompt you to grant it.

  3. If you need to share a candidate’s details with someone outside your company who doesn’t have a Recruitee account, no worries! You can share a public link to the candidate’s profile with them.

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Event scheduler links on mobile

You can now add and change event scheduler links in the mobile app so your candidates can easily choose their best time for an interview.

Remember, you can only use the scheduler links you’ve already set up. If you need new ones, you’ll have to create them in the settings on the web app.

Improvements on the candidate profile on mobile

We’ve updated the jobs and talent pools area on the candidate profile page to simplify your work:

  • Now, you can see when each candidate applied for a job.

  • The button to pick a stage in the hiring process is bigger and simpler to use.

  • A new “Proceed” button lets you quickly move a candidate to the next step.

  • You can now disqualify (or re-qualify) a candidate with just one tap, as these options are directly available in the section instead of being hidden under a “More” button.

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New Marketplace add-ons

XING: Streamline job applications with the leading online job network in German-speaking countries by allowing candidates to use their XING profiles for swift submissions.

SpringVerify: Bring your hiring teams together to automate your hiring and evaluate candidates effectively, with India’s best-rated background verification platform, trusted by 2500+ organizations.

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