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LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect is here 🚀
LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect is here 🚀
Updated over a week ago

You asked; we listened!

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LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) has been our all-time top-requested integration in Recruitee history. 🏆

So we couldn’t be more excited to let you know that it’s officially landed in our Marketplace! 👏

What does this mean for you? Let’s dive in.

No more jumping between tools

The integration seamlessly connects Recruitee by Tellent to LinkedIn Recruiter, so you can access real-time candidate details without switching platforms.

Spend more time on people (not process)

Toggling back and forth between Recruitee and LinkedIn Recruiter can cause you and your team to miss essential details.

You can’t always be sure if a colleague has already reviewed a potential candidate or if the candidate has applied for other job openings within your company.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the same candidate data in both Recruitee and LinkedIn Recruiter?

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect gives you the context you need — exactly where you need it — so you can source top candidates faster. Now you can:

🚀 Save time. Analysis has found that recruiters can save up to 3,5 hours per week using the integration. Get more time back in your day to focus on what matters most — connecting with candidates.

🚀 Make faster decisions. Gain a more comprehensive view of your candidates, which will help you better validate their skills and experience and make more informed decisions.

🚀 Improve team collaboration. Avoid duplicate outreach and deliver a positive candidate experience with increased visibility into past candidate interactions and notes.

A simplified workflow, now with RSC

We’re always looking for ways to simplify our customers’ lives, and this integration is a significant step forward.

Ready to welcome a seamless workflow where real-time candidate data is always at your fingertips?

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