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Product Nutshell: March
Product Nutshell: March
Updated over a week ago

Job locations

We were thrilled to release Locations in March, changing how you manage job posting locations.

You can now set up job locations once and easily assign them to your postings, eliminating the need to duplicate postings for different locations (finally!).

Moreover, you can allow applicants to select their preferred location, making it easier to see who’s interested in working where. And that’s not all. We’ve introduced work models on job pages, enabling applicants to quickly see whether a job is on-site, remote, or a mix of both (hybrid).

Shared mailboxes

We’ve also rolled out shared mailboxes to improve team collaboration in Recruitee.

Everyone can now send and keep track of emails and conversations through one shared email address.

This update will ramp up your team’s productivity and make juggling those recruitment conversations and threads much smoother. Say goodbye to lost messages and hello to organized, streamlined communication.

Job requirements are now optional

You no longer need to list job requirements to publish your posting. We know that crafting job postings is an art, and everyone’s got their own style.

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