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Internal jobs on internal pages
Internal jobs on internal pages
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With your career site you can also advertise your internal job openings to give them as much visibility as possible. This article shows you here how to quickly create or edit a page on your Career site and showcase all your job openings to your employees.

Allow for your internal jobs to be visible

1. Access your Career’s site settings when you click Edit pages & settings on the left side of your Recruitee account.

2. On your Careershub, click Settings.

3. In Advanced, click Enable to allow for your internal jobs to be posted on the careers site.

Setting up a page to publish your internal jobs

Once you enable pages with internal jobs, you can publish them on a new page or an existing one.

On a new page

1. For new pages, click New page on the top right corner.

2. Give the page a name and tick Use internally and Add internal jobs to display all internal job listings. Then, click Create.

3. On the new page, click Add section

4. In the new window, select how you want to display your job openings.

5. Click Edit Section in the top right corner.

6. At the bottom of the layout section, click Featured jobs to select internal jobs only.

7. Select Internal and using the toggle, select the jobs you want to display on the page, and then Click Save.

On an existing page

1. Click Edit on an existing page (except on the front page).

2. In the top left corner, click the Settings icon.

3. In Advanced settings, tick the boxes for Use internally and Add internal jobs.

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