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How is data being accessed by Recruitee after syncing a calendar? Is any data downloaded by Recruitee in this process?

We use the OAuth access tokens that we obtain during the setup process to connect to the synced calendar. The access-tokens and/or credentials are stored securely and in an encrypted format on Recruitee servers. The entire calendar is synchronised. This includes dates, times and names of calendar items. Synced calendar data is securely stored on our servers.

Recruitee is ISO-27001 certified and we have regular security checks and external audits to ensure the highest level of data security. You can read more about it here.

Why didn't the candidate and I get an email confirmation of a scheduled event?

When scheduling an event, make sure to tick both the ‘notify candidate’ and the ‘notify interviewer(s)’ checkboxes in the second step to ensure that the email confirmation is sent to both. To verify if the email was sent, please check the ‘Sent’ tab in your Mailbox because:

  • notify candidate - will be the message from you to the candidate

  • notify interviewer(s) - if you are the interviewer, it would be the message from you to yourself

Please also note that the notification sent to a candidate is separate from the email sent to the interviewer(s). If you edit the email template sent to the candidate, remember to click on Customize email notification to interviewer(s) at the bottom of the page and make the same edits to the confirmation sent to the interviewer(s).

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