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FAQ - Pricing Migration 2024
Updated over a week ago

Why are you changing the pricing?

We’ve been collecting customer feedback since our last pricing structure update to learn more about customer needs and what could be improved. The current pricing change is a direct result of this feedback.

Why do you no longer offer monthly plans?

Both recruitment and business partnerships rely on long-term planning. We designed our monthly plans to allow for flexibility and seasonality in your hiring needs, with the pricing based on the number of job slots. Now that we offer packages with unlimited job slots, we can focus entirely on a long-term outlook for your recruitment and our partnership.

We still offer monthly billing under the yearly contract to accommodate different cash-flow scenarios.

How do you know how many employees our company has?

We rely on the combination of available tools/ resources and the numbers our customers provide.

Why does the number of employees matter for pricing? Should it not be the number of users? Not every employee is using Recruitee.

Next to the fact that it is standard in the market, collaborative hiring has been at the core of Recruitee since its inception. Therefore, it’s counterintuitive for us to model our pricing on the number of users.

Pricing based on the number of employees includes the possibility of the entire company being involved while also being a great predictor of the hiring volume.

What if we grow or decrease in employees?

The number of employees will be evaluated prior to the start of each contract year to allow for adjustments.

How long can I stay on my current pricing?

You will be able to do this until the date of your next renewal in 2024.

What if I need Grow or Optimize but don’t need unlimited slots? Can I have fewer slots and pay less?

Based on customer feedback, we no longer offer slot-based pricing on all three plans. Instead, the plans have been enhanced with features, enabling you to take your hiring to the next level. Our Start plan comes with five job slots.

Can I choose Start as a plan and pay extra for certain features from the other two plans?

It’s not possible to add individual features to our plans. We do offer optional add-ons for SSO, Texting, and Onboarding.

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