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Acquisition campaigns allow you to broaden your candidate search and attract more top talent.

Create a campaign in a few steps

  1. Click New Campaign.

  2. Select the job for the campaign and enter name.

  3. Specify the job details, such as industry and category. This ensures that your job post gets published on a relevant job board.

  4. Choose the channels to post your job on.

  5. Edit the job description and details if needed and process the payment. Remember that after you pay for the campaign, you won’t be able to edit it

  6. The campaign will be published when the selected channels have processed the campaign.

Campaign statuses

  • Draft – created and saved.

  • Payment pending – the payment is being processed.

  • Paid – the campaign will go live soon.

  • Online – the campaign is live.

  • Offline – expired or simply offline.


How long does it take for the campaign to go live?

Please note that job posts are checked by our partners before being published. That’s why it take a few business days for your campaign to go live.

Can I take down a single job board from the campaign?

No, the entire campaign needs to be taken offline.

Can I extend a campaign?

No, campaigns cannot be extended. You can only create a new one.

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