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Internal pages
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Internal pages are part of your careers site and accessible only via a direct link. They do not appear on the sitemap, and search engines like Google will not index them.

Internal pages are great for internal mobility or any other pages that you want to share with a specific group of people only.

💡Internal pages are marked with an Internal page badge in the page lists and page editor.

In this article:

Creating internal pages

1. Open the CareersHub dashboard in the bottom left of Recruitee under CareersHub > Edit pages & settings. The careers site editor will open.

2. Click + New Page under the Pages menu.

3. A dialog will appear. Give your page a name and select a theme. Under Advanced, click the checkbox next to Use internally.

Making an existing page internal

Convert an existing page into an internal page.

1. Click the settings icon in the navigation on top of the page you want to edit to open the page settings.

2. Under General > Advanced, click the checkbox next to Use internally.

Don’t forget to save your changes after modifying the page settings. Once you save the changes, the page will be marked as internal, and you do not need to publish the page.

💡If search engines have already indexed the page, it may take some time to disappear from search results.

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