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Allow Recruitee temporary access to your account
Allow Recruitee temporary access to your account
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We take your account’s security seriously, and our team may not access it without your consent. However, our team may need temporary access in specific cases, such as troubleshooting, or answering your questions.

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Allow and revoke temporary access

In case our team asks you to temporarily access your account, you can grant them access with a single click.

2. Under Recruitee team access, click Grant access.

💡 Temporary access automatically expires after 30 days. You can revoke access at any time. To do so, click Revoke access.


Allowing temporary account access is not limited to a single employee. Members of the following teams may log into your user account:

  • Customer support

  • Customer success

  • Technical support

When someone from Recruitee logs into your account, they will see the account with the same permissions and access as you.

Our team will not perform any actions in your account without consulting you first. Actions performed by our team will be logged in Audit logs with the Actor Recruitee Staff.

Account access approval history

View the history of your account’s access approval in the table below Recruitee team access. Here you’ll also see if the approvals have expired, were revoked, or are still active.

💡 Account administrators can view team members’ account access approval actions in Audit logs.

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