Use our mobile app to hire on the go.

Stay on top of your upcoming events, tasks, and evaluations on the home screen.

Check on jobs and review your candidates

Select a job in the jobs section to access its pipeline. Swipe to navigate between pipeline stages and drag and drop a candidate card to move them into another pipeline stage.

Simply tap on a candidate’s card to review their profile, send them an email, evaluate them, or leave a note.

Stay in sync with your hiring team

Get specific notifications in the mobile app to stay updated when you’re on the go.

Go to Settings > My account > App notifications to choose the notifications you would like to receive.

💡 You can also adjust your mobile app notifications in the web app via Settings > Notifications under Mobile app.

Use dark mode

Dark mode makes using our mobile app easier on the eyes. To turn it on, go to Settings > My account > Profile and toggle the switch next to Dark mode.

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